Dr. Paul Perrin

Dr. Paul Perrin

Associate Professor
Counseling Psychology and Health Psychology
800 W Franklin, rm 201
(804) 827-3894

Associate Professor (tenured)
Director, Health Psychology Doctoral Program
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Virginia
Ph.D. (2011), University of Florida

Doctoral Program Affiliations

Primary: Health Psychology and Counseling Psychology 
Secondary: Clinical Psychology 


Research Interests

The fundamental goal of my research is to bring culturally sensitive and empirically supported behavioral health services to underserved populations experiencing marginalization and oppression. I believe that disparities in mental and physical health are one of the most shocking and inhumane forms of oppression and that the academic and medical communities have a central role to play in their alleviation. With this aim, my research line of “social justice in health” encompasses three interrelated facets. These are: (a) cultural, familial, and international approaches to disability rehabilitation and adjustment, particularly in underserved and minority communities; (b) oppression’s (racism, heterosexism, stigma, etc.) influence on mental and physical health; and (c) social justice approaches to understand and dismantle oppression.

Select Publications

Perrin, P. B., Morlett-Paredes, A., Olivera, S. L., Lozano, J. E., Leal, W. T., Ahmad, U. F., & Arango-Lasprilla, J. C. (in press). Multiple mediation path model of pain’s cascading influence on physical disability in individuals with SCI from Colombia, South America. NeuroRehabilitation.
Perrin, P. B., Norup, A., Caracuel, A., Bateman, A., Tjørnlund, M., & Arango-Lasprilla, J. C. (2017). An actor-partner interdependence model of acquired brain injury patient impairments and caregiver psychosocial functioning: A dyadic-report, multinational study. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 73, 279-293.
Sutter, M., & Perrin, P. B. (2016). Discrimination, mental health, and suicidal ideation among LGBTQ people of color. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 63, 98-105.
Perrin, P. B., Panyavin, I., Morlett, A., Premuda, P., Aguayo, A., Macias, M. A., Rabago, B., Picot, S., & Arango-Lasprilla, J. C. (2015). A disproportionate burden of care: Gender differences in mental health, health related quality of life, and social support in Mexican multiple sclerosis caregivers. Behavioural Neurology, 2015, 1-8.
Perrin, P. B., Krch, D., Sutter, M., Snipes, D. J., Arango-Lasprilla, J. C., Kolakowsky-Hayner, S. A., Wright, J., & Lequerica, A. (2014). Racial/ethnic disparities in mental health over the first two years after traumatic brain injury: A model systems study. Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 95, 2288-2295.

Recent Courses

  • Health Psychology, undergraduate level
  • Experimental Methods in Psychology, undergraduate level
  • Community Intervention: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation, graduate level
  • Culture, Ethnicity, and Health, graduate level
  • Advanced Multivariate Methods in Psychology, graduate level

Recent Grants

Randomized Clinical Trial of a Telehealth Transition Assistance Program for SCI Caregivers

Amount: $400,000
Role: Principal Investigator
Source: Craig H. Neilsen Foundation
Period: 4/2017 - 4/2020
Number: 439129

A Culturally Sensitive Intervention for TBI Caregivers in Latin America

Amount: $242,858
Role: Principal Investigator
Source: Fogarty International Center
Period: 4/2014 - 3/2017
Number: R21TW009746

Recent Awards

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