Our locations

We are located in VCU-affiliated and other safety-net clinics throughout Richmond. We see our patients right in primary care settings, which allows for convenient scheduling. Because of our location in primary care settings, we can often accommodate same-day referrals (i.e., "warm handoffs") or consultations. Our locations include:

VCU Ambulatory Care Center (since 2009)

  • Residents’ training clinic within the VCU Department of Internal Medicine
  • Focus on indigent populations
  • Co-training with Internal Medicine residents, Pharmacy residents and medical students
  • 17,000 annual health visits

Site supervisor: Dr. Leila Islam

VCU Academic Medical Center Pediatric Residents Clinic (since 2016)

  • Residents' training clinic
  • Focus on indigent populations
  • Co-training with a newly designed team care unit for pediatric patients
  • 24,000 annual child health visits

Site supervisor: Dr. Heather Jones

VCU MOTIVATE & OB MOTIVATE Clinics (since 2019) 

  • Treat women across their life course - including during and after pregnancy
  • Offers OB-GYN care and addiction treatment and recovery services
  • Personalized care plans may include additional services from social work, psychiatric counseling, trauma support, and more

Site supervisorDr. Leila Islam, Bruce Rybarczyk

Healthy Hearts (since 2020)

  • Offer team-based primary care, medication assistance, stabilization services for chronic disease, behavioral health, and 

Site supervisor:

VCU Community Memorial Hospital (since 2020)

  • Offers a range of medical and surgical services in both inpatient and outpatient settings, including behavioral health, women's health services

Site supervisor: 

VCU Complex Care Clinic (since 2011)

  • VCU Health System Primary Care Clinic
  • Focus on high-utilizing, uninsured patients with multiple (>7) chronic conditions
  • Small, cohesive interdisciplinary primary care team providing intensive services
  • 4,000 annual health visits

Site supervisor: Dr. Leila Islam

CrossOver Clinic (since 2016)

  • Two free clinics serving more than 6,800 patients annually
  • Focus on non-English speaking populations

Site supervisors: Drs. Bruce Rybarczyk, Carla Shaffer and Paul Perrin

Daily Planet (since 2010)

  • Federally qualified health center
  • Focus on homeless populations
  • 11,000 annual health visits

Site supervisor: Dr. Paul Perrin

Hayes E. Willis Health Center (since 2015)

  • VCU Health System Department of Family Medicine Clinic, located in underserved community
  • Focus on African American and Latinx populations, serving both adults and children
  • 9,000 annual child and adult health visits

Site supervisors: Drs. Carla Shaffer and Carla Shaffer

Health Brigade (since 2013)

  • Free clinic with 30 paid staff and 500 volunteers
  • Focus on at-risk populations; was the first free clinic in the state and specialized in HIV/AIDS outreach and LGBTQ services
  • 6,000 annual health visits

Site supervisors: Drs. Kurt Crandall and Paul Perrin

Past Clinics

VCU Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic