Clinician Spotlight: Caroline Cusick Lowman, M.S.

October 4, 2021


Where did you go to undergrad?

University of Maryland, College Park

Did you always know you wanted to work in a medical setting or have any previous medical setting work exposure before graduate school?

During undergrad, I volunteered at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC. I worked in the ER waiting room and would play with kids as they waited to be admitted. After undergrad, I worked at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for 2 years as a clinical research coordinator at the Center for ADHD. Through these experiences, I was able to get a glimpse of what it’s like to work as a part of an interdisciplinary team and how psychology and mental health services can serve a larger hospital system.  

Why did you choose to join the Primary Care Psychology Training Collaborative run by Drs. Rybarczyk and Jones? Did you hear anything in particular from other students that made you want to work in primary care?

I heard that students were able to gain experience serving a variety of populations and presenting problems, while also working embedded within the hospital system. This seemed like a perfect fit to complement my pre-grad school experiences working at hospitals. In particular, I was most excited about working in the Peds Behavioral Health Clinic so that I could gain experience treating children and adolescents. 

What primary care clinic(s) do currently you work in? 

Peds Behavioral Health Clinic and OB Motivate Clinic

What clinical populations are you interested in working with?

My passion is working with children and adolescents. I’ve been so lucky to have the experience of not only working with children and adolescents directly, but also working with parents in the context of helping them build positive relationships with their children. I also really enjoy working with youth with ADHD. Over the course of my time on the primary care grant, I have developed a thorough understanding and appreciation for working with individuals with ADHD in the primary care setting. 

What have you liked about your primary care rotation? 

So many things!! I feel very confident and competent in treating common mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, and more. Working in the fast-paced primary care setting in particular also helped me greatly develop my time management and rapport building skills. 

What are your big takeaways from your work in primary care so far? How do you think this opportunity will prepare you for the workforce when you graduate?

One of my biggest takeaways from working in primary care is that as important as it is to treat the presenting problem, it is also just as important to always prioritize providing patients with a space that feels safe and trusting.